Lily Szabo Pannella

I believe that weddings should be a celebration, not a stressful time.   My top priority is to showcase your happiness and personalities.  Whether you love to goof around and laugh together or stare longingly into each other’s eyes, I believe your photographs should reflect you as you truly are.

I never dreamed of being a wedding photographer.  I thought it was all the same, you show up to a venue, photograph different couples in the same poses every weekend and after is all said and done never see them again.  However one day while I was taking photographs of people I loved and cared about it clicked!  I could photograph couples and weddings, who I truly got along with, who just want to have a great time on their wedding day.  Couples who want to be themselves.  Couples who I could consider friends, not clients.  I’ve built my business on this premise and enjoy it every single day.

When I’m not photographing awesome people I’m annoying my dogs, trying to learn how to skateboard and figuring out what color to dye my hair next.

Fun Facts

  • I’m a firm believer in equality. 
  • I shoot with Canon cameras + prime lenses.
  • I’m an Apple girl for almost everything else! 
  • My awesome husband Matt often acts as my assistant, especially on rainy day shoots. 
  • I have 2 dogs, Trixie (a terrier mix who runs the house) and Booker (a poodle who is a total baby). 
  • I’m a NY Jets season ticket holder and fanatic. 
  • I live down the shore and can often be found sleeping sunburned in a hammock. 
  • I’m a traveler at heart.
  • The first dance at my wedding was God Only Knows by the Beach Boys.
  • The last dance at my wedding was Mother by Danzig.
  • I once photographed a proposal in the middle of an Andrew WK show.  
  • In an ideal world I’d have pizza and iced tea for every meal.

One last fun fact, I love getting to know couples outside of their wedding. How did you meet? What do you love doing on the weekends?
Make sure you include a few when you contact me!

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